About Us

The experience created at I Sushi is a direct reflection of our Master Chef's as well as our attentive servers. We have created loyalty amongst our guests from day one. Whether you have been eating Sushi your entire life or on the verge of taking the palate-inspiring journey for the first time, our Master Chef (with over 30 years Experience), can help you with your selection and will prepare a dish that can only be described as edible art.
We offer a delicious variety of fine Thai, Singaporean, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean Cuisine. This blend of Asain Fusion Cuisine offers traditional dishes from Sashimi to Cantonese chow mein.
We're recieving rave reviews, and quickly building a reputation of being one of the highest rated restaurants in the Barrie area.
Using only premuim quality fresh ingredients to create our inspired dishes served in a comfortable setting. Our dining area offers a peaceful atmosphere and is the perfect place for family and friends to get together. So come unwind and enjoy a world class meal in our elegant dining area.
Let us indulge you with a healthy, relaxing, and very satisfying dining experience.